Thornburg Fitness Center: Policies

General Use
  • Day Passes - An individual who possesses a valid BSU Connect Card and wishes to use the Fitness Center may purchase a Day Pass for $5. Payment is accepted in cash, check, money order or Connect Card Flex points.
  • Guest Policy - A member may sponsor one or two guests per visit for a fee of $5 each and must accompany the guest at all times. Guests must be 18 or older and have proper ID.
  • Proper Attire - All patrons must wear proper attire. Non-marking athletic shoes must be worn at all times. Pants with large zippers, jeans, open-toed shoes or sandals are not allowed in activity areas. Please do not wear outdoor shoes into the fitness center.
  • Food and Drink - Only non-breakable, leak-proof plastic bottles containing water are allowed inside the fitness center. Other drinks, containers, food or candy are not permitted.
Weight Training Policies
Attire Clean, closed-toe footwear is required. Sleeveless shirts and tank-tops are discouraged.
Benches Utility or portable benches are to be returned to their proper place if used in a different location.  Dumbbells and bars should not be placed on top of benches, nor should lifters stand on benches. 
Clean Spray and wipe bench or machine pads after your final set. 
Clutter Items that are not needed during lifting such as bags, hats, jackets, sweatshirts, and basketballs, should be stored in the locker-room or other area outside of the weight room. 
Collars Bar-end safety collars are to be used on all free weight bars regardless of bar size, exercise being performed, loads used, or presence of spotters. 
Control Maintain control of your dumbbells, bars, plates, and machine levers. Items should not be slammed down or dropped to the floor. See next item below for more details. 
Food/drink Foods of any type should not be eaten in the weight room or fitness center.  Drinks should be stored in leak-proof, plastic containers, never in open cups or glass bottles.  Keep containers off of equipment and away from lifting areas or walkways. 
Miscellaneous Rope-skipping and ball-bouncing are not allowed in the weight-room or fitness center. The weight-room exit door is for emergency use only.
Olympic-style Lifts Olympic-style lifts that involve any dropping of weights must be performed on a platform. 
Re-rack All equipment, including plates, dumbbells, bars, cable accessories, and safety collars, is to be returned to its proper place.  Do not roll dumbbells or barbells across the floor. 
Spotters Use one or more spotters when performing a new exercise or when the exercise involves lifting a weight overhead, over the chest, or one that is racked on the back or shoulders.  It is the responsibility of the lifter to provide spotters with instructions for each set. 
Surroundings Be aware of neighboring lifters or others in your workout space.  Allow adequate clearance around bar-ends, benches, racks, and other lifters.  Also, avoid leaning on or standing near dumbbell racks or fixed bar racks, regardless if you are performing an exercise or not. 
Weight belts Lifting belts should not be worn if the buckle can come in contact with the upholstery of a pad or bench. 


Revised 11/14/16